Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Maths DJing

As I write this I am in my last week of term and as such I spent last weekend creating some more Maths DJing clips with songs that have been requested from my students. Over the weekend I created another 7 clips!
I have outlined the songs in each clip below (together with their individual links). To access all of my Maths DJing clips click here...

Here are the new clips...

Maths DJing 12
Flo Rida & Professor Green

Maths DJing 13
N*SYNC & Britney Spears

Maths DJing 14
The White Stripes & Outkast

Maths DJing 15
Eminem & Rhianna/Drake

Maths DJing 16
Beyonce & ABBA

Maths DJing Craig David
(includes 7 days, Re-rewind, & Fill me in)

Maths DJing TV Themes
Bananaman TV Theme, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Theme, Thundercats Theme, 64 Zoo Lane Theme

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