Saturday, 14 July 2012

#MrCollinsWeekly Issue 3

Slight delay to the creating of Issue 3 due to my short-break to Turkey...but it's ready now!

Here's what's in Issue 3 of the #MrCollinsWeekly:

Venn Diagrams & One Direction
@ilovemathsgames Weekly Puzzles via her blog
The Wizards Trials resource
A very kinaesthetic Algebra task
RemoteMouse App post from this blog!

Hope you enjoy, I will of course be continuing to create my #MrCollinsWeeklys throughout the 'Summer' Holidays. As part of the TES Maths Panel I will be reviewing a sample of the resources that have been uploaded in the last 3 months to seek out the really good resources that have recently been uploaded, watch this space!

Here's issue 3...

Mr. Collins

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    Thanks, Mr. Collins