Saturday, 14 July 2012

Remote Mouse

This is awesome!

I saw a tweet a week or so a go about a new App that allows you to control your laptop/iPad/tablet etc. The App is RemoteMouse and having downloaded it and played around with it I can say that this is truly a great App and I can't wait to use it in class.

The App will allow me to advance my presentations and pretty much do anything on my laptop remotely from either the back of the class or when working with individual students I'll be able to bring things up on the IWB etc. The advantage this will give me is that I won't have to constantly be at my desk physically using my computer, and I won't have to pay for a USB dongle type tool that will allow me to advance my presentations. In addition the App allows you to bring up a keyboard, which I'm pretty sure you can't do with an existing dongle type tool?

The App works by connecting to the same Internet connection your computer uses and then this creates the link between the too. When I have tried this on my home PC it was extremely simple to use. The only problems I can see is that my IT department either won't allow the download of the RemoteMouse software on my school PC (I can't really see this being a problem), or that the connection between the App on my iPhone and the school's PC will require me to have the school's WiFi access on my iPhone, which in my previous experiences has not been allowed?! Other than that I'll be set to go and essentially this App could save school's loads of money in not having to buy other devices?

Get it from the App Store NOW!!

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