Wednesday, 29 August 2012

It's funny what you find in Tescos!

On my daily visit to Tesco (yes, I find myself in here way too much) I stumbled upon a rather random offer on the end of the bread aisle...

The offer was that if you bought any 2 Heinz or Warburton's products you got a free notebook!

Now, I had read somewhere recently about getting a notebook and in it putting the names of all of your students/tutor group (a name to each page) and then in it making any observations about them throughout the year. This includes: things they like, things they don't like, who they like to work with (and don't), any problems with their work, topics they did really well on, extra curricular clubs they are involved in etc.

All of this is in order to get to know your learners better, build positive relationships with them and generally pay an interest in them. Now, I feel I am pretty good at this and at knowing what's going, who supports what football team, who likes the latest XBox game, who's performing in the school plays...but there are always those little details that I either forget or wish I had written down somewhere to remind myself when coming to writing reports, or when my students' tutors ask for feedback from lessons, or even when the SEN dept ask for their reviews on students and how they are progressing in my lessons. I feel that by jotting down any, and all, relevant information in my new notebook could well help me collect this information that could then save time later in the year.

I have also thought about letting my TAs use the notebook in lessons, particularly looking at the students they are in the class to support. They see what goes on in my class from a different perspective to mine and work more closely with certain individuals and so it could be a great thing to have them write a comment when they feel necessary. I know they keep their own information for their own files and so I could, on having brief feedback with them following our lessons (I got into the habit of doing this, and sending my TAs my lesson plans prior to lessons last year), write their suggestions down myself if relevant.

Here's my freebie...(I needed bread and baked beans anyway)...

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