Saturday, 1 September 2012

My New Classroom (Introduction & the front)

Over the past couple of weeks I've managed to get into my new school to set up my classroom. Having spent the majority of my time on my GTP running between two classes (with no periods really following in each other in the same room) it is fair to say I can't wait to have my own space this year. Not only will it save me lugging around my school laptop, teaching resources and student's books. but it will also allow me to personalise my teaching space and add my own stamp on the class. That being said I did end up taking over a large part of my mentor's room last year :-s.

I've been in to my new school once this week and once last week and I am pretty pleased with how the room has taken shape. I have tried to make it an engaging environment for my student's and hope that they will enjoy their learning space.

Here's the view from the back of the room looking straight toward the front:

As you can see from the pic I have put up my 'Mathematical Alphabet' that I had in my mentor's class last year. Each letter is a tagxedo made up of all the mathematical words beginning with that letter. This is how they looked last year
I was lucky to find that on arriving in my new room that there was already a 'washing line' up that goes right across the middle of the room high enough so the students can still see the boards whilst sat down. I have pegged 12 different laminated Mathematics sheets (double sided) from the website. I blogged about this earlier here --> I think these look great and I will change these as the year progresses. I have put up the charts that correspond to the topics that I will be covering with each class for the first half-term and so will change these when other topics are covered to keep them relevant!
Above the boards are loads of 'can you see the Mathematics' posters that were up when I arrived in the room, they are one of the things I have left up from last year as I like how they get the students to think about the maths that appears in each picture.
Smack bang in the middle of my room is my IWB too, which I am thrilled to have in my class as I used this a lot last year in both of the rooms I taught in. There is also a large amount of space in front of the IWB and whiteboard for active maths to take place. I try to get my students up and moving as much as I can/the topic allows and this space will prove perfect when doing the kinesthetic activities I have used/will use.

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  1. Is there a copy of your Mathematical Alphabet to download? A great idea to display a large number of keywords.