Saturday, 1 September 2012

My New Classroom (the side of the room)

I have two sides to my room the side where I have displays and the windows. I have already been warned that the sun tends to shine quite brightly into the room throughout the day and that the room can get quite warm and at times the IWB is quite hard to see. So I can see that the curtains will be put to good use. I may also have to get some sort of air freshener?!

Here's the side of the room where the displays are (didn't think there was much point in putting up the window side):

The display that you can see closest in the picture is very much a work in progress. This will be my tutor group's display board. Each of the tutor groups at my new school have a different colour to them and as my house this year differs in colour from the house that the room was the tutor base for last year it was imperative that I took down the existing coloured background for sake of uproar in my first tutor session. So, whilst I wait to find some dark blue backing for this I have stuck up the form's name '8 Merton' and a few posters that I will pin up on the board when complete. This includes the  100 word challenge logo (, the NaNoWriMo poster ( and a poster which I love (and have up at home) that says 'Be an optimist prime, not a negatron'; I found this via Twitter.

Next to the tutor display board I have put up the 'When Will I Ever Need Maths Posters'. I really like these posters as the 'what will I ever use this for' question does crop up with certain topics.

The blue display in the distance is pretty much left blank for student's work to go up throughout the year. However, half of the board is covered in my 'Tetris' display, here it is close up:

Now there's a couple of reasons why I put this up...
I think it looks pretty cool, I'm a geek and wanted some of this to come through, and the Tetris pieces themselves can create discussions about shape and space - 3D shapes, surface area, volume, properties of cubes, tessellations, nets etc. I used the magic whiteboard again for this and then stuck together a bunch of cubes I had made from differently coloured paper and then double sided sticky taped them to the magic whiteboard sheet (that sticks to the wall via static [see their website for further info]).

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