Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Once upon a time...

During the essay writing session I taught of my Pre-IB course I was trying to get my students to see how their essays must have a logical progression to them, that each of their paragraphs should link together and the essay should be easily readable for the reader/marker. So, in order to get them practising this logical order and progression I got them to have a couple of rounds of 'once upon a time...'.

Once upon a time is an activity whereby students each state a sentence of a story based on what was previously said by the person(s) before them. So, the student on the far left of the class would start with 'once upon a time', then the next person gave their sentence and so on until the story naturally comes to an end or we get back to the starting person (who should then be given a chance to say a sentence themselves having only previously given the original sentence 'once upon a time'). This activity is open to a bit of creativity which I liked a lot and the stories we ended up getting either ended in someone dying or strangely...getting a cat!?

I then, on my students suggestion, decided to change the activity slightly so that instead of getting each student to say a sentence they said just one word of the story. This made the story go a lot quicker and the students had a lot less time to think about their words based on the ones previously given.

The activity was a lot of fun and is one that I will use in tutor time this year at some point!

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