Wednesday, 15 August 2012

'the experience of a lifetime'

I've been rather busy lately, hence the lack of blog posts!

For the past 3 and a half weeks I've been teaching a Pre-IB course at Queens College, Cambridge University for the International Summer School of Scotland (ISSOS). My time spent at ISSOS was an experience that I'll never get anywhere else and I can gladly say that the 3 and a half weeks were fantastic - a lot better than I had expected!

ISSOS are a unique summer school in that it is a school; the students all go home having learnt something, rather than just being at a summer camp where they do activities and games all day long. So, I had 16 students in my Pre-IB class and for 3 hours each weekday morning we had our lessons. Over the following few blog posts I will talk about a few of the techniques I used in class, activities I experimented with a bit and games we played to keep my students engaged.

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