Saturday, 22 September 2012

Icing Biscuits all in order to teach Ratios

When trying to approach the topic of Ratio with my lower ability Year 8 sets I decided to mix things up a bit.

I had seen on the TES Start of Term resources that there was an idea to decorate biscuits in different ratios and so thought this could be ideal in engaging my year 8s with the topic. So,I got myself some Rich Tea biscuits, Icing Sugar and Smarties.

In the lesson I introduced the topic and asked my LSA to start mixing the icing sugar for me. When this was done I handed out the biscuits to the students (2 each) and told them that they would be given a random selection of smarties and that they'd have to decorate their biscuits with smarties in certain ratios. I gave them the freedom to choose what smarties they put on what biscuits, but they had to tell me the ratio they had used and write this on their kitchen towel they put their iced biscuits on (I didn't want a load of mess in my new room)!

Here are some of the results...


They, of course, also enjoyed devouring the biscuits afterwards!

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