Saturday, 22 September 2012


As you may have seen from previous posts, I have my own classroom this year...HOORAY! :)

However, when I'm not teaching the room is used by other members of staff and so I then head to my office space to work. Now, this has been a little unproductive so far this year as I haven't had a laptop to work on unless one of the other members of staff kindly say I can work on theirs as they didn't need it that period (this has happened a fair bit luckily). But being reliant on other members of staff to not need theirs isn't as good as having my own one.

Yesterday, having previously been told that I wouldn't be getting a laptop, I was told that I would be getting my very own laptop!

At the end of the day I went from my classroom to my desk in the office and found it all shiny and new sitting on the desk. I am very excited about this as it now means that I don't have to worry my colleagues and I can get on with work that, until now, I have only been able to do a limited amount of.

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