Monday, 3 September 2012

This is a great website!! - a website that allows you to create all manner of interactive text games/activities for students to do on the IWB! All you need to do is type in a set of text into the box on the site and then click on 'textivate now'. This then brings up a page with the text you typed in and then a series of options/activities to do. If you click on any of the numbered images it will bring up your text split into that number of boxes. The activity for the students is then to rearrange the boxes on screen (reading left to right) to complete the text you originally wrote. Here's a very simple one I have just done on the site - taken from Sam and the Womp's awesome song...'Bom Bom Bom', just drag the boxes around until you've completed the opening sentence of the song.

HINT: click the 'autocheck' button in the bottom left of the screen and the boxes will go green when they're in the right place!

I can see this forming a strong part of my tutor time activities and I could even possibly put mathematical rules/formulae into a sentence and get students to rearrange this as part of a mini-plenary/plenary! (thinking out loud here)

Check out the website now for loads more ideas including filling in the missing letters (great for literacy)

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