Sunday, 21 October 2012

Here's another little beautie that I've found through doing my TES Maths Panel reviewing of resources...

Each quarter, as part of my role on the TES Maths Panel, I get e-mailed a list of 60-80 odd resources to review. This quarter's resources have been packed full of great ideas and activities to use in the classroom and 2 of the 60 odd resources I had to review this quarter have led me to finding the above website. The resources in question are these 'target board settlers' uploaded by TES user 'Sandra D', one of these can be seen (and downloaded) here.

The settler involves students answering 20 questions to which the answers are laid out in a 5 by 5 grid. Students cross off the answers when they find them in the grid. There are then 5 answers in the grid that are left over, these are then added together to find the 'target' number. This is then the only thing you, as teacher, need to check (mark) and then you are ready to move on. I love this idea and this led me to looking at 'Sandra D's' other resources to look for more. Through this I found a link to the website above.

On the site there are loads and loads of other similar target board starters as well as BINGO resources and another that has taken my fancy...'mathsloops'.

The 'mathsloops' resources aren't free but only cost £34 for a CD full of 120 different sets of these loop cards. I can see this being a worthwhile investment and may even pass it by my HoD on Monday.

However, all the BINGO and 'SETTLER' resources are free and are definitely worth a look. I plan to use the 10% of a number and simplifying expressions settlers in my lessons this week.

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