Sunday, 28 October 2012

Misconceptions, Mistakes & The Simpsons

In our Mathematics department we have up the 'classic mistakes' posters that you can get here. Now, last weekend when I was on Twitter I saw a tweet from Mr Reddy (@mrreddymaths) linking to his below blog post on classic mistakes and 'The Simpsons'.

I really liked these posters and so decided to print them off, laminate them and stick them up in my room. The best thing about them is that all the posters drew on the common mistakes made with factors and multiples. My Year 10s had done this topic earlier in the year and so they even linked to what I had been covering in class recently.

I must at this point state that I am more of a South Park fan personally, but the posters are engaging and were like a magnet to my Year 7 class when they came in for the first time after I put them up. They're proving quite popular and I would love to create some more of these this space!

Here's how the posters look in my room (they're on the wall right opposite the door to the classroom and so are one of the 1st things students see)...

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