Thursday, 1 November 2012

ABCD Fans Revisited

Last year, whilst on my GTP, I posted this on my reflective journal blog.
The idea was to improve my AfL having been given feedback from my GTP Tutor. Now, I loved using these fans and they went down fantastically well in subsequent observations from my GTP Tutor and my mentor. More importantly though, my classes got used to using them in class, I was able to see clearly what they understood and what they didn't and this helped inform my planning when thinking about our next lessons together and the next steps.

Sadly, over the Summer, and transition between schools, I lost my ABCD Fans!
I have looked everywhere, and yet could not find them anywhere, which has meant I've been unable to use this resource in my lessons so far this year. However, this week saw the well needed break of half term and it has given me a chance to recreate the ABCD Fans, and make slight improvements of them.

So, here are the new fans...

I used the same template that I did when creating them last year (available to download from my TES resources However, taking on board the feedback I had on the blog post last year I decided to include a 'true/false' fan and to double side the fans to save me a bit of ink/paper! So the A/B fans back on to one another as do the C/D and True/False fans. I will be introducing my classes to these over the next couple of weeks as I've now cut up, laminated and cut up again 32 sets of these (1 for each student in my largest sized class).

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