Saturday, 10 November 2012

'Math Magic' Board Game

I found these in our Mathematics department this week - the Math Magic Board Game - very much like a Mathematics version of scrabble where your points come from performing the 4 basic operations +, -, x, and divide!

I played this with my Year 11 class after they had just done their examinations this week - it worked really well although I feel I was more excited about it than they were!
Still, it was a chance to introduce a bit of competition to the class with them playing in teams of 4/5 and then the top 2/3 in each swapping to face the top 2/3 in another group, leader board on the IWB etc!

It was a welcome break for the students having just sat their Mathematics exams and it ensured they were still practising their basic numeracy. Well worth getting for a maths club or for tutor times?!

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