Thursday, 6 December 2012

Angry Birds Christmas Cards!

Last year, whilst on my GTP, I decided to give each of my students a Christmas Card, each with a differentiated question, just before we broke up for the Christmas holidays; I mainly did this just because it was Christmas, but also to thank them for their work that term and give them the slightest bit of revision! :) They went down really well with my classes and I had many of them coming up to me at the end of the lesson and telling me the answers to their questions, or asking me how they worked theirs out. They were also asking each other what questions they got! So I thought it worked really well and created a good basis going into the rest of the year.

So, like all good ideas, they're well worth repeating! This week (Tuesday) I gave my Year 9 class their Christmas Cards (mainly as they were the first ones I got round to writing and I only have them once this week) and once again they seemed to really like them.
This time I centred the cards around the Angry Birds. This almost happened by coincidence as when I was shopping for Christmas Cards it just so happened that the ones that took my fancy were the Angry Birds ones. The clogs then started turning in my head and I remembered the Angry Birds 3D nets that I had used and blogged about last year (all thanks to 'Little Plastic Man' for these [see previous blog post here]). Inevitably I then bought the cards and for each of my year 9s I copied the nets into a document and added some text to get them to work out the volume and surface area for their Angry Bird character, and then they could also create their Angry Bird too. This not only allows them to revise what we had covered earlier in the year on volume and surface area, but also gave them an opportunity to have a bit of fun creating their Angry Bird.
These were also nicely differentiated as the different Angry Birds 3D nets make different 3D shapes, the 'red bird' and 'pig' characters are cuboids, the 'yellow bird' a tetrahedron and the 'white bird' a trapezoid. I therefore gave the students a character that I felt best suited their ability and the cards were done.

Here's how it all looked before the cards were 'enveloped'...

I intend to do the rest of the cards (for my KS3 classes) over the weekend to hand them out next week!
I will, of course, give them different questions (perhaps worded ones based on the angry birds characters/games).

i.e. If the Angry Birds app costs 69p on the App Store and 12 people out of a class of 30 buy the app what percentage of the class bought the app?

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