Saturday, 15 December 2012

Exciting Times for Stationary Geeks!

This landed on my desk this week after the Year 8s parent's evening...

That's's my very own teacher's toolkit, complete with all the stationary I could possibly need as a Mathematics teacher.
It was decided in our department that each teacher would get one of these and so the only equipment we'd need to rely on being in the classrooms was the set of mini whiteboards and a set of calculators. In the boxes we have pens, pencils, rulers, protractors, compasses, scissors, glue, paper clips, post-it notes, rubbers, board pens, and mini whiteboard pens! This, for a stationary geek like me, is very exciting and I was proudly showing off my new stationary toolbox on Friday to my students, some of them were as excited, some thought I was a bit 'sad'...fair enough!

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  1. You inspired my blog post this week!
    Enjoy using all your new equipment (not sad at all!)