Sunday, 9 December 2012

Getting SMART: Infinite Cloner

Having downloaded a resource from the TES last week on the Area of a Triangle I discovered a new tool on SMART notebook...the Infinite Cloner tool.

This tool allows you to copy selected text/shape an infinite number of times to drag and label diagrams etc.
In the resource I downloaded there was a 'Key Words' box with the words 'base' and 'height'. Both of these words had the infinite cloner tool on them. This allowed me to drag the word (creating a copy each time) to different triangles to label which of the sides was the base, and which was the height.

I really like this tool and can see it being used to label different sides of right-angled triangles when looking at Trigonometry, labelling different parts of circles, using it to quickly copy and paste text to others parts of your presentation (rather than having to press copy, paste each time), and many other ways I haven't even thought of yet!

All you need to do to infinitely clone text, or shapes etc is to right click on them and then select the 'infinite cloner' option. That's it.


  1. Paul, you may also find this very useful when teaching tesellations and allowing students to demonstrate using the whiteboard. Also very useful for expanding brackets eg (3x+2)^2 you can clone the second bracket!

  2. Paul, cloner very useful when demonstrating tesellations, likeiwse expenading brackets when you have a bracket all squared - you can simply clone the second bracket so students can see clearly what you are doing. Also very useful for translations....