Sunday, 2 December 2012

Getting SMART: vanishing/revealing text!

Sundays = Planning days for most teachers (I assume) and mine has consisted of much the same. In order to prepare my notebook slides for my Year 8s' lessons tomorrow I decided to try out another 'trick' I read from the previously linked to presentation on ways to use SMART software.

This time I have used a coloured box and different coloured text to create an area in which answers can be revealed by dragging questions into it.

As you can see from the print screen below I have created 'Mr Collins' Amazing Perimeter Checkerer' that is just a rectangle shape coloured in purple. I have then got a few questions with lengths all in the same colour. What you can't see on this slide is that there is also the answer to each shape's perimeter in white text within the shape! The magic then happens by dragging the shape (which has all of the text and question number grouped together with it) into the 'Mr Collins' Amazing Perimeter Checkerer' space!

 This is how the slide will look as the students complete the questions.
When I want to reveal the answers all I do is drag each question, in turn, into the purple box. This then reveals the white text (originally hidden on the white slide background), and hides the purple text that was in the original question as it matches that of the background in the box!

I'm looking forward to seeing the class' reaction to this tomorrow when I use the 'trick' in class!

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