Saturday, 15 December 2012

Magic Sticky Notes

Regular readers of my blog will know that I'm a big fan of and have used many of their products for private tutoring and for putting up displays in my classroom. This week I found another great use for one of their products...

My Year 10 classes have been looking at transformations over the past week or so and what with it being the penultimate week of term the tracing paper has run out in our department! So, I decided to get out the Magic Sticky Notes that I had in my drawer and see if these would work - they do! Even better is that they can be used over and over as they can be wiped off and drawn back on with a mini whiteboard pen. So, I gave out to each of my students their own Magic Sticky Note and told them to use them in the same way they would a normal piece of tracing paper to do their rotations, reflections and translations.
My lower set Year 10s also used them to work out the rotational symmetry of a shape after looking at line symmetry. Here's a few pictures of them using the Magic Sticky Notes...

I used the 'pink' Magic Sticky notes with this class and they worked fine. As you can see you can clearly see through them allowing you to use them as tracing paper. The students were extremely excited by them and were perhaps more motivated on the task I had set them had they have been given normal tracing paper to use!



My higher Year 10 set also used the Sticky Notes, this time I gave them the green ones to see if these would work equally as well, they did...

 The Magic Sticky Notes are also available in 'clear' so these are even more see through. I've just received a bunch of these and they work great too, almost too well as they're that clear you can lose them on the desk.

The Magic Sticky notes are currently 'buy 2 get 1 free' on the site and are only £4.99 for 50 sheets and a free pen. Definitely worth it in my opinion as each of my students now has one of these in their books (they stay stuck in their books due to their static properties) that they can use again and again when needed/revising.

You can follow them on Twitter @magicwhiteboard

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