Thursday, 6 December 2012

Mathematical Advent Calendar Display

Having posted previously about the Mathematical Advent Calendar template I created last weekend (see blog post here) my Year 7 class have now completed their calendars and I have displayed some of them on one of the displays in my room.
The chosen calendars are fantastic (as were a few others, but I didn't have room for all of them) and I'm looking forward to my Year 7s seeing them up on the wall in their next lesson.

The idea seems to have gone down well with others too as my resource (uploaded on the TES) has had a fair amount of downloads in the past week. To download the template just go to this page.

Here's how the display looks...

In class, I initially got the students to cut out the doors and then stick the front template sheet to a plain piece of A4.

Then they were challenged to come up with the Mathematical clues/equations/facts/calculations etc whose answers were the numbers 1-25.

Then they were asked to swap their calendars with their partner to check whether their partner had indeed got all numbers between 1-25 represented. This was, in my opinion, the best part of the activity as they had to work out their partner's clues and therefore were revising a number of mathematical topics (and some footballers' shirt numbers) that we had covered so far this year; I gave the class a list of possible questions they could come up with prior to the task.

Finally, the class were told to fill in each door with a joke, picture, rhyme etc etc - they finished these off for homework and then brought their calenders in for their next lesson.

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