Saturday, 5 January 2013

Mathematical Concepts Wall (for want of a better name)

On Thursday I ventured into London with @kutrahmoore. We had different things to do whilst up there; I was attending a focus group meeting at the Manga High offices and she was off to a few galleries that she was intending to go to.
I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent at the Manga High offices and taking part in the focus group was a great experience having not done anything like this before. When we met back up to head home I was shown pictures of all the things @kutrahmoore had seen in the galleries and looked through the various handouts she acquired.

One of the best things I was shown was the 'Forum' wall at the Wellcome Collection in Euston. You can see their website here. The wall was made from loads of cards that were handed out to visitors to the collection. The cards were double sided, on one side there was a list of words and on the back a simple sentence on the bottom asking visitors to take one or two of the words on the reverse of the card and then to write/draw about them. The cards were then displayed on the wall in little boxes. Here's what the cards looked like...


Here are few pictures of some of the cards that were on display on the wall...


The cards were all centered around medicine I believe?

And here's an over view of the entire wall itself in the gallery...


I thought that this would work great in my classroom and that I could create something similar around the existing display board at the back of my classroom. So, I have created a Mathematics version of the idea above. I have taken key Mathematical words/concepts/ideas/topics from the topics I will be teaching my classes this term and have created a similar card as to the one that was used in the Wellcome collection. On the back of the card I've left plenty of space for my students to draw/write about the topic and then space for their name and year group. I plan to give my classes these cards at some point in the first few weeks, I'll also leave some spare cards at the back of the room on my bookcase (my students have a habit of fiddling with anything on the top of this and so are bound to notice them and then ask questions).
Here's the card that I have created...

I will plan to give one of my classes a card each to do as part of one of our lessons (maybe as a starter activity or end of lesson activity) and then this way it will 'get the ball rolling'.
As much as I'd love to have a similar 'box' style to the display, for now it may just be easier for me to blu-tack the cards to the wall!

I'll post some pictures of my 'Mathematical Concepts Wall' once it is in full this space.


  1. This is an absolutely amazing idea! (He types while eyes furiously scan the classroom to see where a display could go). What software did you use to make the cards?

  2. This is fantastic! I will be trying this next week. Thanks @sporteredu