Monday, 18 February 2013

Mathematics Taboo and Mathematics Pictionary

Here are two sets of games that I've created based around popular board games Pictionary and Taboo.

The first is a Mathematics Taboo - great for getting students to explain a concept without using certain 'taboo' words. I have used this activity for a starter or plenary to a topic before
You can download some of these cards from my TES resources here... and this is easily adaptable for the topic you are teaching.
Display a certain card on the board and invite students to explain the concept/topic to their partner without saying any of the 'taboo' words

Alternatively, you could just give the cards out in groups for students to play the game for a given time. Perhaps as an end of term activity or even as a tutor time activity!?

The second is a Mathematics version of Pictionary. This activity is great for mini whiteboard work in groups of 4 with pairs competing against one another. Can be used in lessons for a starter activity to get students settled, or even as a tutor time activity?!

You can download this from my TES resources at...

Here's how my cards look (once laminated)...

There are 'category cards' and then 'topic cards' included

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