Saturday, 9 March 2013

Mathematics 4 pics 1 word - Pi Day!

In order to celebrate Pi Day 14/03/2013 I have created this 4 pics 1 word resource to use as a starter with my students and open up a discussion with them about what Pi is, its' origins etc.

see my previous post on my Mathematics 4 pics 1 word here.

The TES website are currently doing a couple of competitions centred around Pi Day. They are as follows...

1) Bake a Pi Day pie - tweet a picture, and you could win £100 M&S vouchers

2) Upload a Pi Day Maths Resource, tweet a link, and you could win £100 M&S vouchers

Mr Craig Barton will be announcing the winners at 3.14pm on 14th March.

So, here are a few print screens of my resource and you can download the full resource on the TES at

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