Saturday, 9 March 2013

Mathematics 4 pics 1 word

Over the past few weeks there have been a few tweets going round about the popular (free) app '4 pics 1 word'.

I have seen tweets from @reflectivemaths, @srcav and @El_Timbre all showing their own Mathematical versions of the app. So, taking inspiration from them I have started to create and use my own versions of these.

I created a 3D shapes version of the resource first of all for my Year 7 class and used it as follows: I created the resource on SMART notebook. I included all the aspects of the app on the slides including the 4 pics, the dashes ready for the word and the letters to choose the word from. In addition I added the 'can you define this word in a Mathematical context'. This, in my opinion, has been the greatest success of the resource as the definitions my students were coming up with were fantastic. We have a big literacy across the curriculum push at our school and so by having this activity at the start of our lessons the students not only know how to spell correctly the key words for the lesson, but they also write definitions for the words and share ideas with one another.
I run the activity using mini whiteboards, reveal each picture intially with the letters to choose from hidden by the SMART blind. Then, to differentiate, I would reveal the letters if the class were struggling to find the word from the 4 pics. This worked well as when I suggested if I should reveal the letters, some students were keen to not have them displayed before they had a chance to guess the word first, then after a little time a few would ask for the letters (whilst the others were writing their definitions).

Here are some print screens of the 3D shapes 4 pics 1 word:


I have since created the 2nd of my Mathematics 4 words 1 pic (on circles vocabulary) and here are some print screens of these:


I have uploaded both the notebook and the exported powerpoint files of these resources to my TES resources and you can download these below...

In the notebook files I have included a blank template slide for you to create your own. I find these quite fun to make and the kids respond really well to them. Activity takes 5-10 mins to go through each key word.
I will continue to upload these to the TES as and when I do them! Thanks to @reflectivemaths, @El_Timbre, @srcav & the people that made the 4 pics 1 word app for the inspiration.

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  1. This is great! Would love to do something like this with my class- thanks for sharing!!! :)