Thursday, 25 April 2013

Displays for Learning

This week I was lucky enough to be able to visit one of the other local secondary schools to my school and take part in a NQT training morning. Part of the morning involved us taking a 'learning walk' around the school. We were 'toured' round by one of the 6th formers and saw lots of great lessons taking place.
Prior to the 'learning walks' taking place we were asked to look out for: assessment; differentiation and 'displays for learning'. The latter was one I was quite interested in as I like to think I present my classroom in an engaging way to my students and often change my displays dependant on my students' work etc. The school had recently changed all of its displays too and so there were lots of brand new displays on show.

As I walked round I was trying to take in all the ideas that the teachers were using. There were rooms where they had a 'Twitter board', much like the one I have in my classroom. Some rooms used the magic whiteboards ( that I use in my room. We saw classroom doors that had speech bubbles on them with quotes or questions for students to be thinking about (presumably whilst queueing for the class in the corridor. The most impressive displays I saw were in MFL and I asked our tour guide if I could take some photos and here they are...

 Being the massive geek that I am it is easy to see why I chose to take pictures of these particular displays...

Angry Birds!
 Space Invaders!

Clearly a lot of time and effort have gone into these displays and they have given me ideas for future displays I can create in my own classroom!

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