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GCSE Revision Sessions - Passport to a [insert grade]!

I have recently been completing a series of documents for a new and exciting project the TES Maths Panel have been working this space for more information!

Whilst I have been doing this project, which has involved me searching through the resources on the TES I have come across a bloody brilliant idea... mrslack_maths' Passport to...

You can download the resource here.

I believe this resource would be great for revision sessions and this is exactly what I've been in the process of planning for next Tuesday with Y11. So, taking inspiration from Mr Slack Maths I have created my own version of the passport resource for the students I will be taking for the revision session. My revision session is to be aimed at those students that have either already gained a C Grade or are aiming for a B grade 1st time round. So, I have created a 'Passport to a B Grade +' resource, very much like Mr Slack Maths' that I will be giving to each of the students in my session.

Here's how the front/back cover look...


and here's how the centre of the passport looks...

I intend on printing the two pages front and back to make the passports.

As you can see, I have taken the B grade topics from the Edexcel 2MB01 Unit 3 spec. This is because some of the students will be sitting this paper and others will be sitting the Linear spec, both of which will cover these topics. There's only so much I'll be able to cover in the session and so I've opted for those topics that I feel students will be likely to come up against/will grasp fairly quickly. There will be some students that having scrapped a C grade earlier in the year will struggle with some of these topics, I'm thinking particularly the trigonometry/circle theorems questions.

What I have also done is put a QR Code next to each 'objective'. These link to my mrcollinsmaths YouTube Channel videos I have created today, specifically for the session. All of these videos can be viewed in one playlist entitled 'aiming for a B grade and beyond'. There are some that I haven't done yet and I'm in two minds as to whether I will, or whether, for those topics, I cover them in the revision session; I can see a few students potentially suggesting that the work has been done for them and so why be there at all - they'll take the passport, and my hard work, and do it at home!?
So, for some of the topics they'll need to be there for the session to be taught it. Of course, I'll be reinforcing and complimenting the videos too in the session - by no means do I believe the kids will watch the videos and therefore be 100% able to do those questions!

Like Mr Slack Maths suggests in his resource on the TES, I will be stamping the students' passports as they 'complete' certain 'objectives'. This will be by means of them completing some past paper questions that I will print off for them using the following website... (thanks to Will Emeny (@Maths_Master) for originally blogging/tweeting about this site)
This website groups past exam questions into a selection of topics and will provide the practice the students will need.

Remember my stamp from my blog last year? It's still going strong! (available from
Each objective will be 'stamped' once students have successfully answered a sufficient amount of questions on the topic.

Rewards can then be given, either each time they get a stamp, or for the student/s that manage to get the most amount of stamps?!

I may run the session (2 hours in the morning, 2 hours in the afternoon) using the passport and get students to work through 'a page at a time'. So, they'd focus on the first page's 4 objectives first, pick one they need practise on or choose one to start with, watch the video or come to the front where I'll go through the topic and then they have the questions to answer. In this way I'll be able to focus on a few topics at a time rather than giving them free reign of any of the topics.

I will, of course, post a follow up to this post once I have done my session to let you know (those that are interested) of how it all went!


If you're running a revision session this week/in the near future it'd be great to find out what you've done in your sessions...let me know, comment below or tweet me @mrprcollins.

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