Saturday, 20 April 2013

'Mathematical Concept Wall', the cards keep coming in!

At the start of the year I blogged about my 'Mathematics Concept Wall' and since it has become one of my most viewed posts this year. You can see the blog post here.

I also posted some examples of the Concept Wall Cards my students had produced here and here.

Well, since these posts I have had a whole host of other cards handed into me by my students. Some were done as an extension task for a cover lesson when I was on one of my county's NQT sessions, others were just done by my students in their own time. So, here's some other examples to add to the already excellent collection I have up on my classroom wall...

 I love the randomness of this one. Oh, and the 'clickity clack! clickity clack!'

Not strictly mathematical this one, but then neither was the 'Optimus Prime' card in the previous post!

I will definitely do this 'display' in coming years, refreshing the topics to choose from etc. My students have responded really well to the idea and enjoy creating their cards.

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