Friday, 12 April 2013

Mathematics 4 pics 1 word - 'Intro to Algebra' & 'Polygons' starters

As promised in a previous Mathematics 4 pics 1 word post, I have now finished my 'Intro to Algebra' 4 pics 1 word starter resource and I've also done a 'Polygons' one ready for going over Interior/Exterior angles of polygons with my Y10s in the next few weeks!

Both of these resources are available on my TES resources at:

Intro to Algebra:


Here are a few examples of what's included in these 4 pics 1 word starters, first up - the Intro to Algebra one...

A nice easy one to get started, got to love the Bert & Ernie pic!
Any artists out there will get this one straight away?!

And here are a few examples from the 'Polygons' 4 pics 1 word starter (this one has 10 different slides in it)...

This one features 'Paul' the Octopus that predicted the World Cup results!
Bit trickier?
This will hopefully lead in to teaching about the int/ext angles of polygons!
Another one of my favourites, possibly too easy though?

You can download ALL of my Mathematics 4 pics 1 word resources on my TES resources or just by searching for 'Maths 4 pics 1 word', like this.
Alternatively, if you'd like to see all the 4 pics 1 words blog posts then click on the '4pics1word' label in the word cloud to the left of my blog page, like this.

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  1. Paul, these are brilliant and gone round my NQT friends like wildfire (cross subjects too)

    I have used the idea as an assessment of understanding at the end of a unit by having pupils make their own (providing a resource for future lessons - time saving too) the lesson also helped EAL pupils access keywords and demonstrate understanding (more details to follow on my blog)