Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Last year I found the following IWB resource... and have put this to good use a number of times in my lessons as plenary activities to assess what my students have learnt. I'll either pair up students of similar abilities and ask them a question based on the lesson or I'll split the class into teams to answer questions.

I didn't, however, realise that this is just one IWB resource on a website FULL of IWB resources!

I've just spent the past hour or so having a look at all the different resources on their and thought of how I might incorporate them into my classroom next term. Here's my favourites and how I intend to use them...

1) Keyword Jumble -

This IWB resource allows you to randomly generate a Mathematical word for students to unscramble. Very much like an anagram type starter activity and this is exactly how I intend to use it, either by choosing the randomly generated words, or (possibly more likely) to type in key words for the lesson one by one for the students to unscramble. The best thing about this is that as you type in the word(s) the letters are protected by *s so the students can't see the original word. The site then scrambles the word for you automatically generating your very own anagrams for students to solve. This will be great for literacy across the curriculum and for getting students to define each of the key words given to them. This would make a great starter activity for teaching a new topic or even for just settling students/giving them something to do as you come in.

2) Word Circle -

This is a IWB resource very similar to the puzzles you find in the newspaper where you have a circle of letters that form a 9 letter word. The idea is, in the time given (3 mins built into the resource) to find as many 4+ letter words as you can from the letters given. I can see this being great for tutor time.

3) Letter Dice -

Another great activity for form time this one...Letter Dice aka 'Boggle'. The resource allows you to roll the dice and then generate a 'Boggle' type board on your IWB. Students would then find as many words as they could in the time you give them. I could see this being used mainly in tutor time or even in a Mathematics lesson as a 'settler' activity, where students earn bonus points for finding a mathematical word!?

4) Algebra Substitution -

This IWB resource allows the teacher to go through some examples of substitution, choosing their own values to substitute in. The students can then complete the questions and then they can be checked automatically on the IWB. Good for checking understanding of BIDMAS (in some of the questions). This would be better though if the expressions to substitute into could be changed.

5) Prime Snakes -

This is the main reason I've spent over an hour checking out the resources on the's ridiculously addictive, and quite hard too! The idea is you navigate the snake around the board trying to 'eat' all of the prime numbers. You'll need to use the arrow keys to guide your snake around the board. I intend to give this to my set 5 year 8 classes as they'll love it next time we're in the computer room, this way they can have their own game going, rather than having to take it in turns at the IWB (which is still plausible given that there's only around 10 of them in each class).

I'm sure there's loads of over IWB resources on this site I'll find a use for too, they've got isometric paper, clocks, 100 squares etc and some of the activities on there would suit Primary level Mathematics better than secondary, but are equally as valuable to those classes in secondary school that lack the basics.

To see ALL the IWB resources on this site check out

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