Monday, 29 July 2013

A couple of months ago I came across the following website... The site allows you to create your own text messages.

There are loads of ways you could use this site to create text messages that are then saved as images you can use in class. One way I have used the site so far is to create some 'I think of a number' conversations between my celebrity 'friends' and I!

Here's a few that I have made so far using the site...

 I used these images as a starter task for my students to answer whilst I was setting up the rest of the lesson and performing the admin type tasks needed.

My students soon pointed out that my network kept changing and so they couldn't be real! I apparently also got the conversation parts the wrong way round...easily fixed!

So, it wasn't long before my claim that these were texts sent from my actual friends was found out to be a lie.

I think these images are a great way to 'hook' students into a lesson. They look great, create a lot of intrigue and get them thinking/working straight away.

As suggested above I can see these being used in English loads when looking for dialect of two characters. Perhaps, taking a conversation from students' texts and putting them into text messages would help students identify with them better?

They can also be used to pose questions as a starter task. Maybe a plenary task in here too where they'd have to respond to questions asked in the message.

All of these can be set up and modified by you. You get to choose the name of the recipient/sender, your network (keep this the same otherwise you'll be found out too; if you're trying to convince a class they're real of course) and of course the content of the message/s.

There is also a

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