Monday, 28 October 2013

Mathematical Concept Cards 2: The New Batch

Having been recently reminded about an activity I did in class last year by Mr Cavadino (see his blog post at I decided to try out the activity with some of my new classes in the last week of this half term.

To see my original post on the idea and discover the origins of it click on the below link:

So, here's the new display, with the best of the concept cards selected to go up here...

And here's some of my favourites that have been created this year by my students...

 I think this has to be my favourite one?
 Must be a fan of Dead or Alive?

I thought this one was hilarious - especially when Miley made an appearance!
 Maybe some confusions here as to what 'expressions' are, but the effort was commendable. Most other students in this class chose 'volume' and drew speakers etc
 Being a Marvel geek I loved this one, if only there were some Loci examples around it to go with it though...
 Nice use of both words here

 I wonder why the 'hundredth' was the one that was working out?
 Inspired by the examples I showed the class from last year.
 The best pie shop in the world...3.14 (brilliant)

 This one definitely thought outside the box

I am impressed with the creativity that came out of the classes I ran the activity with. There are a few I am waiting on with my Year 10 class too, so there may be some more to follow. Watch this space.

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  1. Some great ones there. "Trigger-nometry" actually made me laugh out loud. Blooming Miley Cyrus gets everywhere!