Monday, 2 December 2013

Santa's Reindeer Resource

One of my favourite festive resources is this 'Santa's Reindeer' resource from Michael Sharman

You can download this resource from the TES by clicking on the above link.

Here's a print screen of the resource...

The idea of the activity is that each of Santa's Reindeer make a series of noises associated with their number. Each noise corresponds to a number fact (multiples, factors, greater than, lower than etc) and students have to work out which Reindeer is which number between 1-16.

I also give my students a grid of all 16 numbers and the number facts they need to use to help them formalise their workings. They use the grid as a tick sheet to tick off whether the numbers adhere to the number facts or not.

This resource is one of many featured in the TES Mathematics 'Maths at Christmas' collection.

You can view the full collection at:

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