Saturday, 25 January 2014

Mr Collins Table Sheets (all in one place)

Prior to starting my teaching career I was doing A LOT of private Mathematics tutoring in my local area and whilst doing so I created a set of 'Table Sheets' I used with my tutees to help them revise for their Mathematics GCSE examinations.

I first blogged about these on my GTP reflective journal blog at:

Since then they were picked up by Craig Barton on the TES and were put into their own collection on the website. See...

I have used these sheets in a variety of ways in my lessons and in revision sessions to help students revise for their examinations in a (hopefully) more engaging way than just giving them a past paper to work through.
I've had plenty of comments on the resources on the TES too and via Twitter from other teachers that have enjoyed using them and have even been getting students to create their own in class and swapping them around the room etc.

However, I have had a few requests for all the sheets to be available in one place rather than having to download each sheet individually. Most recently a request via Twitter asked if I had a Dropbox link to them. I didn't. I didn't even have the original files anywhere (that I could see). So, I've just gone through the collection on the TES and have downloaded them again so I have them for future use (I have them all printed and laminated)! I've now put them all in a compressed zip folder on my Dropbox account and you can access all the sheets here...

It might take a short while to download the compressed folder (I tried it a second ago), but then you should be able to extract ALL 34 files at once!

I hope this helps and with exam season looming hope they are of use when revising with your GCSE classes.
Let me know of how they have gone down with your students and how you've used them. Contact me on Twitter @mrprcollins or comment below.

For more ways I have used the sheets see:

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