Thursday, 29 May 2014

Playing Cards Display

Earlier this month I came across the following website that was tweeted out (I can't remember from whom though)...

On the site there are 52 playing cards each in the style of a different artist. Naturally, I thought these would be great on display in my classroom so I saved each image, printed them off on card And hey presto...

My personal favourite is the King of Diamonds (it looks vaguely similar to Slimer from the Ghostbusters)!

I shared these with our school's Art department too as currently the Year 9s do a Alphabet project whereby they produce a concertina book, with a page for each letter, each in a different style of art work. I thought it'd be a good variation for those that wanted to do double the work! I'm yet to hear if any student has taken this offer!? :-s

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