Wednesday, 18 February 2015

2015...the answers! [Spoiler Alert]

Following my previous post this year on my new displays (see here), my students have now finished the 2 0 1 5 challenge! In fact, they finished it about a month a go - I've only just got round to doing some blogging!

Here's the finished display and how it looks in my classroom...

Each of the solutions has a students' name attached to it (blurred out here for obvious reasons).
They were all rewarded for providing these.

Since the challenge has been completed we have moved the display from my classroom to our Mathematics corridor to show the rest of the students in the school what has been done.

The final 2 solutions (67 and 68) came from one of our top set Y10 students. Their class (taught by one of my colleagues) were given the challenge to do as homework to try and challenge my top set Y11 class, who had done the majority of the solutions to the challenge out of all my classes.
My colleague came and found me one lesson as I was observing our ITT and presented me with their solutions, including the 2 remaining numbers my Y11s hadn't found!

Here's their work...

Congratulations to them for finding the last 2 solutions!

Here's to 2016 and the new, year challenge! :)

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