Thursday, 19 February 2015

Mathematical Plenary Sticks

One of the new resources I have created recently (see them all here) is my 'Mathematical Plenary Sticks'.
The resource is a pdf document with over 100 plenary questions/tasks for Mathematics lessons. Here's the front page of the document...

And here are the sticks once they're cut up, folded and laminated...

 Once laminated, punch a hole through each with a hole punch and then bind them with a keyring chain or treasury tag

 You can see lots of examples of questions here. They're folded over too so there are questions on both sides of each stick
 When gathered together they are neat and can be stored easily
You can print them off as big or as small as you like

I have a set of these on my 'Finished' display board so students can help themselves when finished and choose some questions/tasks to attempt.
Find out more about my 'finished' display board here.

Each page of the pdf comes with the question templates that look like...

Cut around the dotted lines, fold over the bold line inbetween each stick and then either stick them together or laminate them.
There are also some blanks included so you can write your own questions before laminating and binding.

I've used these over the past few years in my lessons. The main reason why I use them is that I tend to forget really good questions/tasks to give my students at the end of lessons. So, I made these sticks and have them on my desk so I can quickly flick through them before or during each lesson. I pick out a few questions that I can pose my class or I give my class a few to choose from - they answer the question they like the most.
Since using them I have come up with other ways they can be used - all of these details can be found in the pdf document...

•Choose 2-3 of these questions/tasks prior to the lesson and put them in your teaching resources for students to answer throughout or at the end of your lesson (take a print screen of the pdf document or put the laminated ‘plenary sticks’ under your visualiser [if you have one] for your class to see)
•Choose particular ‘Plenary Sticks’ to give to certain students throughout the lesson to extend their learning/support them
•Give each student/pair/group a set of these ‘plenary sticks’ at the end of a lesson/series of lessons on a topic and allow them to choose a number of questions/tasks to complete
•Have a set of the ‘Plenary Sticks’ on display in your teaching room for students to go and choose when finished (like on my 'finished' board above)
•Randomly select a question/task from the ‘Plenary Sticks’ (after a brief check it is suitable for your lesson/the topic) and ask this to students at the end of the lesson

All the questions/tasks can be used as starters too and many are transferable to other subjects. Some questions are specific to certain topics, but the majority are general to any Mathematics lesson/topic.

If you like the look of these then here's the link to the resource page on the TES...

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