Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The Never Ending Notebook

Earlier this school year the brought out their new A5 and A4 'Magic Notebook'. I've been using mine since then and they're brilliant!

Basically, they are 40/60 page reusable notebooks, each page made out of whiteboard material meaning you can write on and wipe off whatever you like, over and over again. Even better is that the books come with a correctable whiteboard pen. This means that after writing and leaving the ink to dry for a few seconds that the ink can't be wiped off unless using the rubber on the end of the pen, or a whiteboard wipe. This means that you can keep notes for as long as you are like until you are ready to get rid of them!

Here's some of my notes/workings...

Each page in the book(s) is perforated so can be ripped out and can even be printed on in a printer. This is perfect if wanting to print graphs/grids on the reverse of one page. They can then be used as mini whiteboards. If you don't have the correctable pens, you can use ordinary whiteboard pens as you would with any whiteboard. The writing wont stay on them, like the correctable pens, but if you're using them as mini whiteboards - you won't want it to!

Personally, having the notebook is great as I'm forever writing notes down and then either having to get rid of them or keep them somewhere safe. With the Magic Notebook I can take and keep the notes I want and erase them when I'm done. My Notebook is a constant working document. I erase when I need to, I take more notes as I need them. The notebook is never ending - once you have one, you won't need another.

Since I've had the notebook I have wondered if they would be a viable replacement for student's exercise books...?!


How would you mark all the work in the books if work was erased as it was no longer needed?
What is the actual purpose of an exercise book? Is it just to keep notes, workings etc? Or is it to have a log of students' work to evidence and show progress, tick OFSTED's boxes etc?
Could students have a 'working book' and a separate 'rule book'?
Cost of the correctable whiteboard pens? Students struggle to have a working pen on a daily basis, let alone a correctable whiteboard pen!

These are all questions I'm yet to figure out. Nonetheless they're great to have as your own personal notebook and I've since bought an A4 one to go with the original A5 one I got.

Take a look at them here...

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  1. Hey Paul, great post, thanks for sharing. I have had similar thoughts on exercise books, and think these would be ideal for exercise books. I like,the,rule book idea too.