Monday, 16 March 2015

It's 'Revision Season' again, which means...Revision Cards!!

As I write this post we are but 80 days away from the 1st (Edexcel Linear) GCSE Mathematics exam! 'Revision Season' is therefore well underway and when students aren't out doing examinations for other subjects (whilst we wait patiently, as per usual, for the Mathematics GCSE exams right at the end of the exam season) we're using lesson time to go over topics my students and I have identified as needing a 'refresher', doing the past papers and generally...revising!
Now, I'm a big fan of revision - I have loads of ways I have got students to revise in the past, in the hope that they'll find a way that works best for them and then stick to that method when revising at home. I've used my Mr Collins Table Sheets, Deal or No Deal Revision, Past Paper relays etc etc etc. But one thing I've not mentioned on my blog before is my 'Revision Cards' that I get my students to create to help them remember key facts, rules and information.

The revision cards are a set of templates that students cut out and create to help them remember information like circle theorems, differences between HCF/LCM and volume/surface area, BIDMAS, fractions, ways of solving quadratic equations...pretty much any topic can be revised by using a Revision Card.
I provide my students with a range of templates to use and they essentially do the rest, using their exercise books or text books to copy examples/diagrams/questions/graphs etc onto their revision cards.

I have put all of the revision card templates (with examples and instructions for each) onto my TES resources for others to use if they feel they are worth using.
Literally, this evening, I have planned a lesson for my lower Y11 class where they will be creating a Revision Card to help them remember the key formulae when asked to find the circumference and area of circles, as well as labeling key parts of a circle and constructing circles using a compass. I'll be printing my '4 fold' Revision Card (available in the resource) for them and some blank circles to label as well as some questions to cut up and stick onto their Revision Cards. Printing these on coloured paper makes them even more attractive and makes them stand out from their other revision materials.

Here are some screen shots of some of my other Revision Cards I have used in the past and will be using in the run up to their GCSE examinations...

The front page of my 39-page resource - full of examples of the Revision Cards.
 The '4 fold' Revision Card example/instruction page (there's one of these for each of the Revision Cards)
The '4 fold' Fractions/4 operations template card. There's also a blank one that you can use for the revision of any topic (like I'm doing tomorrow with circles (area, circumference, labeling and constructing [possibly areas of sectors and length of arcs too]))
 My 'Vertical 7' Revision Card - ideal for the Circle Theorems
Here's the 'Vertical 7' Circle Theorems template with each theorem's blank diagram ready for students to label/make notes on etc. There's also a blank 'Vertical 7' for the revision of other topics.

My Revision Cards resource can obviously be used for any Mathematics topic, but also any subject - all you'll need are the templates (there's one of these for each type of Revision Card in the resource) and just use the Mathematics templates as examples as to what can be done!

You can find these on my TES resources by clicking here. If you like them, think they're worth it and your students benefit from using them, please comment on the resource! :)

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