Monday, 25 May 2015

GCSE Data Handling Revision

It's half term, which means I'll be heading to school on Wednesday to do a revision session with my Y11 classes, well those who have been 'invited' in; we've picked those students who still need a bit of help and/or are below their target grade.
I'm also doing a bit of private tutoring at the moment and so have plenty to do tomorrow.

As a result, I've created a presentation which goes through the main data handling topics and highlights key bits of information students need to remember for their exams. Things like where to plot points and what to plot, how to arrange a stem and leaf diagram, how to set up a two way table, etc.

I have added the presentation to my TES resources (free), which is available here.

I plan on showing the presentation to my Y11s/private tutees this week and at the same time have them annotate an A3 poster(s) that I will create at school tomorrow when I can get some paper and print off the particular questions/graphs/charts. I will add this poster to my resource on the TES when it is completed (NOW UPLOADED! [26/05]). I will use the same questions that are on the slides, but just leave them as that on the A3 sheet(s) so my students can annotate over them, make their own notes, etc. This, they can then keep for their own revision.

Here are the sheets (before completion):

 Higher and Foundation Topics

Higher Topics (at present) only

I will post a picture on here tomorrow once one of my tutees has tried out the resource to show you what the finished article looks like.
Update 26/06 - - > Here's the finished version:

I hope this is useful for others and...happy revising!

Mr Collins

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