Monday, 4 May 2015

GCSE Trigonometry Revision

On arriving back at school after Easter I got my Y11s to write down, on a cue card, all the topics that they still felt they needed to go over or wanted to revise in class.
It was the perfect time to do this as they had sat a 2nd mock set of papers before Easter and were able to go through these papers, and all previous papers given to them over the course of the year, to pick out the topics that they were still getting wrong or needed support with.
I then told them that I would look over their topics and choose those that came up more often than others to cover in class in the run-in to their GCSEs. I also said that I would keep all of their cards bound together so that if/when they should seek support after school at our 'Maths Club' I have their personal list of topics to hand to go over with them. Here are there cards...(I keep them in my folder for their class so they're always at hand/easy to locate)...

One of the topics that came up on almost all of their cards was some form of Trigonometry, whether it be 'basic trig (SOHCAHTOA)', or using the Sine and Cosine rule, or Pythagoras' theorem. So, I decided to put together a revision sheet for them to use when deciding how to answer exam questions on these topics. I created the sheet in ppt and then saved it as a pdf to print off onto A3 paper - making the revision sheet large enough for them to see all the different Trig examples and write their own answers to the questions on the sheets along with any of their own personal notes/mnemonics etc.
On the sheet I included a series of sections, some for right-angled triangles and some for non-right angled triangles, with questions for each type (finding a length/angle, etc). I then added in when they would need to use each formula/type of Trig.
The only thing I didn't put on the sheet was finding the area of a triangle using 1/2abSinC as we had gone over this in the week or so before Easter.

I gave these out in class and then got students to answer each question on the sheet adding in any notes. I got them to put all their answers to 3 significant figures to also practise this skill.
Here's one of my students' completed sheets...

This is available to download from my TES resources if you think it'd be useful for your students too.
Click here.

After my students completed their Trigonometry revision sheet they then used it to answer questions from our text books/past exam paper questions I printed off for them.They found it really useful having the notes/examples that they had completed themselves when doing this and later took their sheets home to use when revising.
I plan to also do one of these sheets for coordinate geometry and have previously done a similar activity for the Circle Theorems. I'll upload these to the TES too in due course...

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