Saturday, 23 January 2016

New Y11 Display - Key Info/QOTW

Last week I put up a 'new' display in our corridor. I say 'new' as the display has been up since the start of the school year...we just hadn't written anything on it until recently.
So, I found some very rare spare time last week and decided to start writing important information for our Y11s. The board is directly outside our ICT suite, which each class uses once a fortnight and is in the centre of our department, so the chances of the information being seen/used is pretty high!

I have just put the dates of the actual GCSE exams, the dates of their next assessments (1st week back after half-term) and then a 'Question of the Week' (QOTW). These questions will be taken from their mock examinations that were completed before Christmas. The one I chose first was the algebraic proof question you can see in the image below, as a few of our 'top set' students have been asking about this topic.

I will aim to update this and change the question each week, oh and patch up the hole that has been created (students generally line up outside the room and so their bags, etc, rub against the display...bit of a pain)!

I wanted to write this post following @mathsjem's Twitter chat this week about displays and add to what I've previously written about the display's in my room/our department this year (see here and here).

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