Friday, 28 October 2016

#MathsMeet Presentations

A week ago I hosted a Teach Meet with a Mathematics focus at my school. The event went really well and we had some great presentations that were given on the day.
@Mahoney_Maths has already written a great write up of the event, which you can read here. So, I won't regurgitate that here. Instead I will just post links to the very kindly shared presentations that were given on the evening.
Should you need further explanations on the presentations then please feel free to contact the presenter via their Twitter handle.

Thank you to everyone that attended the event, presented and helped me out on the evening setting the School Hall up, etc (you know who you are). I will look to host a future MathsMeet at our school, possibly after this Summer's GCSE results have been published and we have had time to think about the implications of the new GCSE, etc.

WAGOLLs presentation (Ryan Foster) is here

Engaging Students with Book Work/Worksheets presentation (@mrprcollins) is here
(the last slide on this presentation provides a link to @Maths_Master's Forgetting Curve Homeworks presentation

The Power of Boxes and Circles (@mhorley) is here

5 Maths Websites you need to know (@mathsjem) is here
Jo has been blogging more on each of her 5 recommended websites on her blog, you can see the first 2 here and here

Assessment and Homework without Levels (@Mahoney_Maths) is here

Numeracy Ninjas at Oakwood School (@mrprcollins) is here

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