Wednesday, 9 August 2017

New Display - Revision Cards

If you've read my 'New School, New Classroom 2017-18' post then you will have seen I have one main new display this Revision Cards display.

I was very lucky to meet Mr Corbett himself (lovely bloke) at the last #mathsconf up in Bristol where I purchased myself a set of his fantastic revision cards. I've waited since then to be able to put them up on display in my new classroom (I'm not usually this patient)!

Here it is!

The logistics: I stapled treasury tags to the board and punched a hole in the top left corner of each card. This way, the cards can be turned around so the students can access the QR Codes on the back of each card. I've turned a few cards on the display around already so the students can see there are two sides to each card.

How I aim to use it: Thanks to my other half's ideas too...I'm going to put the revision cards up for each topic that my classes are currently studying in our scheme of work. At the moment I've just put up the cards that relate to the first 5 units in our Edexcel SoW, but come September the cards that will be on there will be for my Y11s, Y10s and Y9s dependent on what unit they are working through at that time. All of the revision cards are hole punched and ready to go and are easily taken down/put up! I've also put a few blank 'cue cards'/'record cards' with the Unit titles on them so the students know which cards relate to which unit. In September I'll add the year group to them too so they know which cards they should focus on.
I'll obviously let them know where they can get a set of them for themselves too, but I hope the students will use them in lessons to revise their current or previous work or to get a 'heads up' on the next topic in that unit of work. My students will be encouraged to use their devices, once they've finished their work, to look up the questions on that topic using the QR codes and then complete the questions either in their exercise books, on a mini whiteboard or the cupboard whiteboard doors.

I'm looking forward to seeing how the students will work with the board. I'm hoping it'll be used to see past, present and future topics, to give students a snapshot revision on each topic and to provide them with the revision material they'll need. I'll post my reflections on how it works out later in the school year.

Thanks for your fantastic work on these!

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