Saturday, 20 October 2012

Premier League - welcome back!

After the usual tedium of the International games  the Premier League is back this weekend. Now, you're probably wondering why on earth I'm commenting on this on my NQT Mathematics blog!? Well, it's because with the premier league games returning so does my weekend 'routine'.

Throughout my GTP year last year my weekend's largely consisted of planning lessons, marking books, creating resources etc all whilst watching whatever game was on that weekend and of course Jeff and the boys on Soccer Saturday. This may not sound like everybody's 'ideal' weekend and I'm sure it's not, but for me it allows me to get everything done that I need to whilst enjoying the things I enjoy at the same time. Having the football on in the background whilst working has been a successful working environment for me and it doesn't get in the way of the things I need to do. Now, compare this with someone who, for example, likes going cycling of a weekend, going shopping, cooking etc I can't see the two things being able to happen simultaneously - and a lot of people would suggest that they shouldn't be. But it works for me and that, I suppose, is my point...with the sheer amount of work that comes with being a teacher (not just an NQT) it is finding what works, for you.

It's not only a working environment that the football allows me either - last year I created this Soccer Saturday ppt display to have up in class at the start of my lessons. The ppt slide contains all the key information students need for the lesson and even includes scrolling text. It is all based around the Sky Sports News info screen/vidiprinter whilst the football results are coming through. As of yet I haven't used this in class this year, but having reminded myself of this, with the return of Jeff and the boys, I am pretty sure it'll be featuring in M6 (my classroom) this week!

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