Monday, 25 August 2014

Constructions resources using 'Comic Life'

UPDATE 14/02/15 - Now available on my TES resources:

If you've read my previous blog post on 'Comic Life' you will have seen my 1st attempt at creating a 'comic' using the app. I mentioned in that post that I intended to create some constructions resources using the app and here they are!

It took a while for me to do all the constructions, taking photos at each 'step' in the process. I then used these photos to create the 'comics'. I initially did the perpendicular/angle type constructions and then later created the triangle constructions. Here's some of the ones I've created...

Front cover
 Perpendicular Bisector
 Angle Bisector
 Constructing a 60 degree angle
 Triangle Constructions Front Cover
 SSS triangle

In all, I have created a Constructions Comic for each of the following:

Perpendicular Bisector
Angle Bisector
Perpendicular through a point on a line
Perpendicular from a point to a line
Constructing a 60 degree angle
Constructing a 45 degree angle
SSS triangle
SAS triangle
ASA triangle

So, there they are. I love them! I tried to make them all similar in their design and layout and just changed the number of photos depending on the number of 'steps' I photographed when completing them. The more I've used the 'Comic Life' app the more I love it too. I'm now adding lots more elements to the comics as I create them and are using a lot more of the features in the app. It's so easy to copy objects from one comic to another and this sped up my creation of the comics.

Now, this is all good and well, but how do I intend to use them I hear you say? Well, here's some ideas I've had so far.

1) As they look so great I thought about printing them out and laminating them to go up on display in my room - students can then look at and read through them, be inspired by them etc.

2) Print and laminate them to be used as a group activity when the topic comes up in the SoW. Each small group could be given one of the constructions/comics and work through them to create their own version of each construction, then rotate round to the next construction/comic.

3) They could be used as extension activities for students that finish topics such as basic angle work, congruence/similarity etc.

4) They could be made into small booklets (comics) for Y11 students to use for their revision - I often find that the constructions are easily forgotten by students.

There are bound to be other ways in which I can use them. They can, of course, just be used as a series of instructions for individual students to reproduce, or to give to those students that need further support after I have taught the class how to do them as a whole group. If anyone has any other ideas let me know via Twitter @mrprcollins or by commenting below.

I plan on creating more of these so watch this space for updates...


  1. What a brilliant idea. I will be using these thanks @stevebishop100

  2. Great! Thanks for the nice information and such an informational collection for the students as they will be well known about the topics in future.